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Nourishment comes in many a form and soup is an easy way to conjugate economy with ecology. Sumptuous velvety concoctions or interesting flavors can be achieved in one large pot...add water and spice—savor slowly. Here are ways to reach 'Zero-Waste' and 'Maxi-Taste' in one simple bite.

These three recipes demonstrate the possibilities and adaptations of my most prized mixer. Vitamix came into my life at a time when using every bite was essential to my family's nutrition; its power could reduce fish bones and eggshells to smooth and assimilable liquid minerals in seconds of pulsing.
Basic ingredients can be changed according to regional and seasonal availability, or as a way to use neglected leafy vegetables in garden or refrigerator; an excellent excuse to take someone on a foraging or fishing trip through the countryside.

Green soup..Soupe verte:

1 quart of water.
A of your choice of leafy greens:
cabbage, beet , turnip greens, lettuce, dandelion, sorrel..or a mix of all; flavors blend very well as they are mitigated by the root vegetables and onion.
2 unpeeled potatoes.
2 parsnips or turnips.
2 small onions cubed.
2 cloves of garlic.
2 tsp each of parsley flakes.
1 tsp sea salt, ground black pepper to taste.
2 Tsp sweet cream or butter.

Wash greens under running water or in a bowl of cold water with a spoon of lemon juice or vinegar.
Cube potatoes and onions, cover with water in large pot, bring to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes.
Add chopped greens and minced garlic to large pot, simmer for 5 to10 more minutes, till greens are limp.
Allow cooling period; then ladle into the blender, pulse to a rough texture..
when potatoes and onions are white specks in a verdant velvet are ready.

Serving suggestions:
Sour cream or butter, gently stirred in hot soup help to absorb the pro vitamin A and other fat soluble components of the vegetables, plus, one single spoonful of it tastes so rich against the calming effect of the greens.
Croutons or Melba toast slices are always welcome in liquid soups or floating atop with chopped parsley..

Fish soup: faux bouillabaise.

To use whatever fish is available and make a one step nutritional experience, consider the powerful calcium and protein boost of less commercially desirable water creatures..Never waste a single trout skeleton or fish head again, you can reduce the valuable leftovers of a good meal to a tasteful creamed soup. You can use less expensive species or prolific ones such as carp.

1 quart water.
1 Tsp olive oil.
2 fish heads and bones or whole fish. Any type.
1 large onion, 1 small head of garlic.
2 large tomatoes or 1 small can of stewed tomatoes.
2 celery stalks.
2 green peppers.
1 sprig each of parsley, oregano and dill. (or use 1tsp of the powdered herbs).
1 tsp curry powder. (or cumin, clove and turmeric)
1 tsp sea salt.

Wash fish in cold water with 1 tsp lemon juice or vinegar, lay in deep pan with herbs, cover with water , bring to boil, simmer on low for 30 minutes.
Chop onions, and garlic cloves, fry swiftly in olive oil 5 minutes till transparent.
Add cubed tomatoes and peppers.
Pour over fish and simmer an additional 10 minutes.
Allow to cool then blend thoroughly; bones will be melted into the smooth rusty colored broth.

Serving suggestions:
Again, adding a spoon of sour cream lends a creamier taste and aids in the absorption of the essential nutrients, lycopene, Omega 3s, trace minerals and calcium..
Croutons rubbed with a garlic clove bring a Mediterranean pungency to the 'one bowl' meal.
Fresh parsley sprinkled on top tempers the aroma.

Watercress soup; faux vichyssoise.

A creamy cold soup for springtime celebration, quick and easy, and oh so sumptuous!

1 quart water.
1 large bunch of watercress.
2 large potatoes.
1 onion, 1tsp sea salt, pepper to taste.
½ cup plain yogurt or sweet cream.

Scrub and cube unpeeled potatoes, bring to boil, simmer for 20 min.
Cut off stringy roots from cress, rinse very thoroughly, chop stems and leaves. Add to potatoes, simmer for additional 5 to 10 min.
allow cooling period, add yogurt or sweet cream, blend till light unctuous green.

Serving suggestions.
Cold or hot, this simple soup is refreshing and mineralizing. Provides iron and tastes like a vege smoothie.
Pour icy cold in glass bowls for a European flair. Decorate with parsley sprigs and sesame cracker crumbs.
 A  side bowl of macademia nuts or cashews lends a contrast to the so-smooth-so-soft texture of the cress soup.

Bon appetit! With gratitude to the Green family from My Zero Waste blog and Little Green blog. for their steady influence toward healthful living.


  1. perfect timing, thank you Nadine. Only yesterday a bag of watercress found its way into my shopping basket and I decided to make soup, only I've not got a favourite recipe to try. It appears now I do ...

  2. mrs green, welcome; little miss Green can save the watercress stems in a glass bowl or jar and watch the white roots grow day by day,those lovely fresh green tops multiply as well to produce salads zing..
    i clip the buds rinse them and munch or i can be patient and add them to an omelette or salad or pita pocket with sardines or tuna..a perfect complement/condiment.

  3. I do love creamy soups and I almost always use my leftovers to fix a pot of warm, creamy and rich vegetable deliciousnes :)
    Nadine, thank you for the recipes! They will be used... especially the first one... it speaks to me!

  4. Oh, these look just lovely. Matthew adores French food and I'm a big fan of soup. I finally have a recipe to use on the turnips! Thanks Nadine!

  5. I made the soupe verte. Having it for dinner tonight! Cheers!