Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Verdigris was taken.

After hunting for a new name, i realized that the bait is not the catch; the content will be the essence of this blog..Economy and ecology in a harmonious dichotomy: using what we have and content to be here.

After introducing this format, i will post articles about wellness and beauty, no not the pretty and fine art of homemaking..but rather, the art of living well in a shrinking world.

Humor served on a platter of bitter facts, and good news about those who are perfecting new technologies to clean air and water around us.

Adventures in growing your own food, no matter where you are. Desert or prairie, sand or clay, i have grown greens under many skies and conditions.

All the reduce-re-use-redux i have practiced and learned across continents and temperaments...innovative, restorative and inventive aspects of adaptation.

Some of the old ways imported from the old world which have survived for good reason in mental baggage and leather suitcase.

Now back to the desk, ready to sift through pages of stories, photos of chickens and yes, more cats, one cat..and turtles and whatever has crossed my beam..Recipes waiting for conversion of weights and measures from a scratch cook who owns no scales. Back to files in the great computer waiting room of defunct dreams and faded inspiration.To revive and infuse hope of sustainability in this, our common place.

The spark is set, the fire is lit, this is it! i shall return with bedtime stories on how to warm the sheets or stay cozy by the fireplace or electric heater as it may be...following the Northern hemisphere's seasons and sharing elsewhere..

Car-less in the Midwest, smiling across a starlit evening, ns


  1. Here we go!! :)
    Lovin' it!
    Where's your subscribe button, woman? To get it in my email!

  2. here am i Jennifer..

    this is just a preview of what is yet to form...i said i wanted green..verdigris was appealing, then they said it wasn't available--so i made it grass, like green of another sort..and this woman is locked into the process and proceed i shall...hold onto your socks, i'll figure it all out in time with a little help from my friends..ns

  3. Oh I KNOW I left a comment or two last week, but they haven't shown up. For some reason my computer seems to fight blogspot blogs But anyway, loving what you are up to over here, your words, your memories, your photographs. Thanks for sharing, caring and making the world a more loved and loving place :)

  4. mrs green, my bad, i must have not clicked on the right button for comments, but now i have seen the light, i corrected the problem, i do hope it works for all.
    thank you for the visit and ever, your devoted reader..enjoying your contribution to a healthier world..