Monday, February 6, 2012

Yet Another Shade of Green

Yet Another Shade of Green .

Here, by the grace of the web and sadly, the grid, but the inspiration was instantaneous, i suddenly knew what i had meant to accomplish with lifelong writing. Art was never about gain, words were not to be lost. "Verdigris" said my husband; it was already in use, so i had to change it; Verdigrass then.

I had been reading many blog samples and some seemed too urban specific, others strictly scientific or dreadfully regimental. No, not another list of don' ts!. I want a place to enjoy the sunshine on my own doorstep. The vision should be subtly inspiring, not pedantic, not romantic; rather elevating and comfortable, a perch, not a podium.

From here the view is rural or suburban if you have imagination. So back to clouds and sun, throw in some lunar cycles to round out the overview from a creative writing perspective. This is it. Whatever is called green, ecological or zero waste will be nestled within other lifestyle subjects on verdigrass

Guests will contribute articles in their field of knowledge. I will post once a week, or more in this no nonsense, somewhat unusual venue for the reticent neophyte of the eco-nomy = eco-logy credo.. The word blog reminds me of something someone cannot spit in front of polite society, so i may find another name for it. All stories entered here will center upon the premise that we live in absurdist times and satire is a purgative essential for emotional and ecological ills. Not to cure mankind, but to spread humor on the dry toast of everyday.

Health and well-being will be sandwiched between conclusive research and applicable solutions. The news, the old and the archived will surface in essential links to provide a balance of all aspects of awareness. Serious consensus as well as conflict resolution, innovation and humanitarian effort will buoy the sinking raft of global anxiety, one person at a time. I derive much hope when I read about people who live in poor and remote regions using solar ovens or recycling odd objects to serve their needs. Or when i witness conscientious NGOs bringing relief in the lasting form of micro-lending or water sanitation programs with no (ulterior) profits built in.

Renewable energy and appropriate technologies will feature possibility and feasibility based upon research and dedication. Personal anecdotes and survival tips should spice the content as well.

Is this the part where the disclaimer enters? Okay, this writer is gurgling in the deep end of the ocean, so much to cover. But unlike the commercially sponsored media, the purpose of this writing is to focus on the possibilities and actualities. The 3 Rs reduce re-use re-purpose will hold major court in this space. Reading, cooking, textile art and husbandry will represent some of the practicalities. I like the term “husbandry” it reminds me of what a woman must learn when consorting with the opposite sex, not unlike caring for other creatures, so much to learn. Plants don't talk, but I hear the signals..edible gardening coming up..

I play with language as a child kicking rules and regulations in the neighbor's field; sometimes i feel guilty for my elastic, eclectic pleasures. But I don't waste too much emotive energy on regret..i have some serious writing to do..So on to sharing sources and resources, one article at a time under the preservation logo—verdi grass = green grassroots itching for spring.


  1. "Not to cure mankind, but to spread humor on the dry toast of everyday."
    Perfect. And I love that you play with languge as a child kicking rules and regulations in the neighbor's field.
    This is going to be fun!
    Is that a honeycomb at the very top?

  2. yes Jennifer it is a WILD honey comb, the city guys brought it to me, they said i'd be the only one who'd know what to do with i got the whole branch, and took a pic before warming it upside down over a bucket to drain the honey out of it. tasty..also ate the was darker than usual honey, winter one wanted to eat it, so i got to spread it for weeks upon toast.
    oh, the pic is way too large for my header..i would like to widen it and shorten it to fit without losing the effect..